December 04, 2013

"The Importance of C. S. Lewis"-- from Alister McGrath Fifty years ago, today, C. S. Lewis passed from the Shadowlands to the realm of glory. While many of his contemporaries thought his work would fade in its influence shortly after, the opposite occured. His books-- both fiction and non-fiction-- have made an indelible mark on Christianity. To commemorate his life and legacy, a headstone is being installed in the famous "Poet's Corner" in Westminister Abbey, a profound honor. Additionally, several new books have released this year, most notably Alister McGrath's new biography of Lewis. Here is a brief video of McGrath's chapel talk at Wheaton College earlier this year: Summary of McGrath's main points: 1. Lewis taught the importance of STORY 2. Lewis taught the importance of TRANSLATION 3. Lewis taught the importance of GRACE ------------------------- Other C. S. Lewis resources of interest: For a unique memoir of Lewis's imagination, seen through the lens of Narnia, this book from Alan Jacobs is matchless. For those who've never read Lewis before, The Great Divorce or The Screwtape Letters might be excellent places to start. Yes, the Chronicles of Narnia are children's books, but make no mistake, you'll get more from them as an adult than a child will. This was, of course, Lewis's test of good children's fiction: that a 'child' of all ages could read and enjoy it! My favorite of the Narnia books are: The Last Battle, The Magician's Nephew, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, in that order. Oh, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe isn't bad either. :)
My Top 3 Posts of 2013 Well, it's that time when we look back and reflect on the kind of year it's been. In that spirit of reflection, here are the top three-- as in most read and most shared-- posts from my blog this year.The truth is, I didn't blog much in the second half of 2013, due to travel and begining a doctoral program. So, I'm thankful that when I did sit to write, you took the time to read. I blog as a way of discovering what I think...and your reading and interacting with me here is a very helpful part of that discovery! Most surprising is that my most read blog of 2013-- in fact, it's the most read blog I've ever written, by far!-- is a personal tribute to an old friend who died suddenly this year. What this says to me is that we're all dealing with pain in some way. Grief touches everyone. And perhaps my little piece about a friend most none of my American friends know was so widely read because it helps to know that even pastors are not immune to the sadness that befalls us in life. There is hope even in the grieving...but the sorrow is all too real. they are, the top three posts of 2013 from my blog-- one a personal reflection, another an idealogical response, and the final one a resource: 1. In Memory of a Friend Who Taught Me Courage (Nov. 3, 2013) A personal tribute written for a dear friend from my youth group in Malaysia who passed away suddenly this year. This piece was read at his memorial services. Continue to keep his dear wife and children in your prayers, even as you read this. 2. A Response to Pastor Mark on Pacifism (Oct. 22, 2013) I'm...

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