September 11, 2013

City We Love I LOVE being part of a church that looks for ways to serve our city...and uses art and film to subvert our fears about homelessness and poverty. Check it out! And if you're an artist in the city, there's a cool way for you to be involved! This celebration will change your heart forever. We have two simple goals: first, to dignify people of our city, which includes demystifying the issues around homelessness, and second, to connect the vision of Mary’s Home with your heart so that we have an opportunity to invest together as we journey toward the common good of our city. One way we desire to reach these goals is to partner with local and national artists who share their beautiful visual art to present the theme of the event, “City We Love”, which will include sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, music and film. If you are an artist and would like to participate, please do! Simply email Emile Ibrahim at for more information. All art is due August 9th. This semi-formal event takes place on Friday evening at 7pm. A silent auction will begin earlier that day and run through Saturday September 7th. Everyone who attends will get the chance to bid in the silent auction as well as vote on the artwork they desire to see become part of a permanent collection in Mary’s Home. The silent auction and Friday night event will help us raise funds for Mary’s Home. But most importantly, people in our city–everyone involved in this–will be celebrated and dignified. We can’t wait to spend this evening with you!
Technology, Sacrament, and the Imago Dei [This is a rough sketch of the talk I gave at SALT 2013, a conference for church worship/creative arts/tech/media teams. The above visual summary was created by @NBYouthMinistry.] I. ATTENTION: What Does It Mean To Be Made In the Image of God? We hear this phrase often, but we are not always sure what it means. At a conference like this, we tend to think of the creativity that we have and how it is a reflection of the Creator-God. That is certainly true. Let's look briefly at three ways the image of God has been talked about theologically: Function: This approach sees the image of God in us in the things we are capable of doing, particularly our ability to be imaginative and employ our creativity. Substance: This approach sees the image of God in usas a part of our very essence. It is from this view that we gain the notion of human dignity. Relationship: This approach begins with the Triune God and sees the human longing to be known and loved as part of this desire and capacity for community. There is truth to each of these ways of speaking of the image of God in humans. But there is another way to look at this. The Swiss theologian Karl Barth begins and ends his theology of the imago Dei with Jesus. For Barth, any discussion about our being in the image of God must begin with the recognition that Jesus alone is the perfect image of God. When we want to know what it looks like to be fully human, we look to Jesus. Jesus shows us how we were created to be. This has resonances with C. S. Lewis's famous words about Jesus being the only truly and fully human the world has seen since...

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