September 27, 2010

NewLifeSundaySchool, October, 2010: Distinctive Christian Doctrines NewLifeSundaySchool meets from 11am-12:15pm in the World Prayer Center, Room 107, at New Life Church. TOPIC TEACHER Oct. 3, 11am-12pm “Why is the Belief in the Trinity Central to Christianity?” Many of us know that the Christian view of God is a God who is “three-in-one.” Few of us know why this belief is core to our faith and what its implications are on our everyday living. We’ll uncover how the Trinity is not so much a concept to be explained but a reality to be lived into. Dr. Steven Todd Oct. 10, 11am-12pm “Who Is Jesus and Why is Correct Christology Crucial?” We will explore what we mean when we say that Jesus is fully God and fully man. We will explore the various New Testament titles used for Jesus. But moreover, we will unpack why all of this is significant for Christians. Jordan Haley Oct. 17 11am-12pm “What is God’s Single, Sovereign, Saving Plan?” Every religion has a way of describing the human situation and the future or ideal goal of all things. But what is the Christian story? How do we account for the goodness and the evil in humans and in the world? And what is God’s plan with all of it? We’ll unpack the broad strokes of “soteriology”—the theology of salvation—and its implications for the whole cosmos. Pastor Glenn Packiam Oct. 24, 11am-12pm “What is the Kingdom of God and What Does It Mean For Us Both In This Age and in the Age to Come?” Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God most often. In fact, the backdrop of the Gospels have in mind how Jesus as Messiah was inaugurating God's Kingdom. But what is the Kingdom of God? Is it here? Is it coming? What does it mean for us here and now...

Glenn Packiam

Lead Pastor, new life DOWNTOWN, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, CO. Author and songwriter.

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