May 21, 2008

Why Our Generation Loves Barack Obama Before I say anything else, you need to know this: I cannot vote. I have held my Green Card for almost five years, and soon I will be able to renounce my prior citizenship, take a test on American history, and become a certified American citizen. But for now, I am a permanent resident. That means I get to do almost everything a citizen gets to do: line up in the citizens’ line at airport immigration, be legally and gainfully employed, and, of course, pay taxes. But the one thing I cannot do is vote. In a twist of disappointing irony, the ones who do not have a privilege are often those are treat it as such. Voting is a privilege. Americans call it a right because they’ve never lived anywhere else or known anything different. But it is an extraordinary privilege to have a say in who governs our country and how they may do so. It is a heavy responsibility that many philosophers, rulers, and civilizations have not deemed ordinary citizens worthy of. The ancient Greeks, for example, argued that only the wisest should have a vote. Alas, that is not the case in the wonderful land of the free and the home of the brave. Everyone gets a vote. But since you do, and I don’t, and since I am neither a republican nor a democrat, I’ve teamed up with one of the brightest minds I know—my good friend Cameron Schaefer—to bring you some thoughts you ought to consider before you vote. From an observing “outsider” and an intelligent insider come our theories on why our generation is so madly in love with Barack Obama. We’re too poor to care about taxes A friend of mine said flatly, “I don’t care about taxes. I spend more on...
So, What Are You Doing After Graduation? Crisp Originally uploaded by RemoteCho Don’t you hate that question? It is especially grating if you really don’t know. Each well-intentioned relative striking up a conversation about your next step is suddenly a crazy-eyed interrogator from the Cold War era. “Why does everyone keep asking me what I’m going to do? Leave me alone!” You wish you could scream. But you can’t. So you contort your face into what you hope is a smile and mildly shrug, “Um, I don’t really know yet.” Well, help is here. Not really. There is no simple way to map out your life and determine your next move. In fact, there is no map. Or, at least, we don’t have it. I suspect God prefers the GPS approach to the MapQuest one. He seldom gives us turn-by-turn directions, printed out in 10 easy to follow steps. He tends to prefer the Voice that hints at an approaching turn, giving one move at a time. That probably has something to do with God’s desire for an actual relationship with us. He is not interested in our mere arrival at a particular destination; he wants to walk with us and talk with us. With God, intimacy always trumps efficiency. God wants the process of directing us to be personal. He wants to be involved and he wants to involve us. We often miss this. We tend to approach God like a crotchety old math professor who knows the answer to the sum on the board but won’t tell or even help no matter how hard we beg and plead. The truth is, not only does He want to be involved, He wants us to participate, even in the process of deciding what our next step should be. The most remarkable picture of this is God in...

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