March 25, 2008

5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Spring Break (Or Vacation) Well, it's finally getting warmer here in Colorado. But still, this time of year, my thoughts always turn to beach. It’s Spring Break, and even though it doesn’t mean much for my work schedule, it still has me wishing I was sipping a fruity non-alcoholic beverage and listening to the sound of waves caressing the shore. But alas, that is not my lot in life… at least not this week. Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a vacation or a break really restful and renewing. Here are some thoughts for making the most of your break for all you party people everywhere. 1. Ignore the Clock It was the month I spent in Nigeria while I was in college that first opened me up to a culture that moved through a day from event to event, rather than from hour to hour. A meeting didn’t happen at 3’o clock. It happened “after lunch”, whenever that was. And even if they named a time, it really didn’t matter. They would get to it when they were done with the thing they were currently engaged in. There have many a day when I’ve been rushing from appointment to appointment, meeting to meeting, that I’ve mentally disengaged from my “2 o’ clock” in order to get ready for my “3 o’ clock”. While I doubt we can reverse the convention of measuring time by hours, one our days off, on our break, time should be ignore. What time are we having breakfast? When I get up. After I play with my kids. After I talk to my wife. Savor the moments instead of counting the minutes until your next appointment. 2. Lose Your Phone This is our ridiculous obsession. There are no boundaries or parameters for our texting, calling, fiddling,...
How to Fight Right (before it's too late to apologize) A few weeks ago, Holly and I were asked to come and talk to a young marrieds’ class on the subject of conflict. Having been married a little less than 7 years, I was wondering why they had chosen us. Did they think we fought a lot? Maybe they hoped to learn from our mistakes and discover what not to do! In any case, as we sat down to prepare a few notes, some important lessons came to mind-- lessons learned as we stumbled through our different conflict styles, learned from two very different family personalities. Here's the funny thing: we never taught the class. It was cancelled due to inclement weather. But I'm glad Holly and I put our thoughts to paper. Not only has it helped reinforced what we've learned about marriage conflict, it has also proven to be good advice for learning to fight right in any relationship. So, friends and lovers, here are some thoughts on what not to do in a fight: 1. Don't Insist on Immediate Discussion The tendency when a conflict arises is to work it out right then and there. While that sometimes is possible, there are many times when it’s best to let your heads cool and come back to it. Insisting on working it out in the heat of the moment could lead to saying things you’ll later regret. Unfortunately, damage done is hard to reverse. Holly and I might postpone an argument by saying something like, “OK…I can’t talk about this right now.” Or “Can we talk about this later?” We try to come back to it within 24 hours so it’s not hanging over us indefinitely. 2. Don't Be Mean in the Meantime One bad apple shouldn’t spoil the bunch. In other words, a disagreement over whose family...

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